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Street address: 3828 SW Orchard Street, Seattle, Washington
Tel: 206-932-2211
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Repair and restoration 

Seattle's premier flute repair specialist, serving flutists worldwide for over 37 years.

Wooden headjoints  The new flutes, designed by Bickford Brannen, are now available through the Eppler Flute Company.
Eppler Flutes   Since 1970, the Eppler Flute Company has been designing, repairing, and restoring flutes. Alexander Eppler's designs and repairs have a reputation for meeting very high standards of design and craftsmanship.

At left, James Pelletier and Alexander Eppler work into the night padding flutes. 2002

shopAlexander Eppler making a wooden Boehm-system flute. 1980

Piccolos, alto flutes 
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The Eppler Flute Company specializes in custom work, particularly in the creation and restoration of wooden flutes. The shop also produces wooden headjoints for flute, piccolo, alto, and bass that are made from the finest cocus, grenadilla, and other rare hardwoods. 
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Robert Weyrick/Perspective Image - headjoints

Eppler wooden headjoints, L-R: alto, flute, and piccolo.

"Words cannot adequately express how happy I am with my Eppler silver flute and cocuswood headjoint! The tone is warm, smooth, even, pleasing and consistent from low B to high F#. The keywork is comfortable, solid and secure and the scale makes playing in tune easy. With a dynamic range allowing for full expression and extended techniques such as multiphonics, harmonics and whisper tones so easy to execute, I would play no other instrument. Thanks for making my flute playing life so very much better."

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